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The Predator - 'Hunter Green W/ Black Smoke' Vinyl - Henry Jackman


The Predator (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 'Hunter Green W/ Black Smoke' Vinyl - Henry Jackman

* Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing
* Pressed on 140 gram Hunter Green with Black Smoke Vinyl
* Printed Inner Sleeves

Shane Black reboots one of the 80s most beloved action franchises with a Henry Jackman score for the ages!

"The Predator” took me back to the awesome, steroid filled orchestral action scores of the 80s" www.soundtrackdreams.com

" it’s quite uncanny, with a crisp orchestral sound, an action-heavy martial feeling” www.movie-wave.net

"Jackman makes a healthy use of the strings and woodwinds throughout the score and it provides for some refreshing musical ‘breathers’ in between the bombastic moments." www.filmcentral.com

Track Listing:

Side A:
01. Arrival
02. Discovery
03. Rory
04. Project Stargazer
05. Beautiful Specimen
06. Playing with Fire
07. Out of the Cage

Side B:
08. The Loonies
09. On the Loose
10. Another World
11. Rescue
12. Apex Predator
13. Damage Control

Side C:
14. The Good Soldier
15. Team McKenna
16. The Ark Ship
17. Onslaught
18. Contact
19. The Hunt

Side D:
20. The Sacrifice
21. Alien Abduction
22. The Last Stand
23. Man vs. Predator
24. Remembrance
25. The Predator’s Gift

Released on or around 03/08

*Please note this is a mock up and vinyl color may change.