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Star Trek Discovery (Season 1 Chapter 2) - Jeff Russo

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A resounding success that somehow seems to mesh elements and tones from every previous Trek incarnation (including the unrivaled work of Michael Giacchino on the Kelvin Timeline films). – TrekCore

Star Trek: Discovery (Original Series Soundtrack) [Chapter 2]
Jeff Russo

01. Burnham Take Over
02. I Can't Rest Here
03. Dishonor Yourselves
04. Tell Me The Truth
05. The Rebels Haven't Completed Their Evacuation
06. I'll Take It From Here
07. Kasseelian Opera
08. The Lorca I Knew
09. 212 Days Of Torture
10. Biotoxins
11. Come In Discovery
12. Safe To Drop Out Of Warp
13. Lorca Is Finished
14. Coming Home
15. Initiating
16. Qo'noS Bar Source
17. Not A Lot Of Humans Here
18. I'm No Good
19. War Is Over
20. I've Never Been To Vulcan
21. Incoming Transmission
22. Theme From Star Trek (Discovery Episode 115 End Credits Version)