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Mr. Robot Vol. 3 (Original Television Series Soundtrack) CD - Mac Quayle

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For Mr Robot Volume 3, Mac Quayle expands on the musical landscape he created for volumes 1 and 2.

Mac Quayle’s hypnotic score to Mr. Robot is a gift that keeps on giving. Echoing the show’s trippy twists and turns, this music relies on dark synths and sparse, transparent rhythms (“2.0_2-FuxSocy.sln”) for a sense of glitchy dread. Often, however, it’s the music’s more ambient moments that distill the cleanest moments of tension, such as the airy piano/synth exercise “2.0_6-madame3xecutioner.oga” and “2.0_3-j0urnaling.ivs,” which combines chimneys of breezy overtones with ominous drones and unsettling percussive interjections - iTunes.