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Logan - Signed Web-Shop Exclusive 'Noir Black/Bone' Vinyl - Marco Beltrami

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Logan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2 x 'Noir Black/Bone Vinyl' - Marco Beltrami - Signed Lakeshore Records Web-Shop Exclusive.

Beltrami’s score really is gush-worthy. It’s one of those rare soundtracks that’s as effective on its own as it is in the film that inspired it. – Patrick Phillips, Cut Print Film

“LOGAN was an extremely demanding but very inspiring film score to work on. Jim distilled the innovation of an indie within the framework of a tentpole,” Beltrami explained. “He played me scores he liked and which inspired the tone of the film for him—Taxi Driver, Paper Moon (the film itself), The Gauntlet. He liked the directness and rough edges, the unpolished tone, the energy. Somehow I had to capture this while simultaneously creating a modern score. It did not need grandiose thematic music and verbose melodic statements. It was all about vibe.”

* 2 x 180 gram 'Noir Black/Bone Vinyl' LPs.

* Gatefold Sleeve.

* Printed inner sleeves featuring portrait images of Logan, Laura & Charles.