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Jeremiah Sand - Amulet of The Weeping Maze 10” (Taken From The Film Mandy)

$12.98 / Sold Out

As featured in the cult hit Mandy.

This 2 track 10" is available now on limited edition 10" black vinyl.

"In one of the movie's most unnerving scenes, Jeremiah plays the record of folk pop he wrote, which the white-robed maniac describes as being preferable to The Carpenters. As we try to gain our bearings in this red-tinted hell, the combo of weirdo flute, strummed guitar and sing-songy lyrics on lead track "Amulet of the Weeping Maze" work to destroy our psyche even further." - Birth. Movies. Death.

Produced by Randall Dunn, the song heard in the film was actually released earlier last year by Lakeshore Records digitally ahead of the score release.

Experience Jeremiah Sand’s foray into the music world...

Side A: Amulet of The Weeping Maze

Side B: My Journey