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In The Earth (Original Score) '180 Gram Black Vinyl' - Clint Mansell



180 Gram Black Vinyl LP with Bonus Digital Download Card!

"An ominous score by Clint Mansell mixing electronic dread with insidious melody toils” hollywoodreporter.com

As the world searches for a cure to a disastrous virus, a scientist and park scout venture deep in the forest for a routine equipment run. Through the night, their journey becomes a terrifying voyage through the heart of darkness, the forest coming to life around them.

According to director Ben Wheatley, Mansell wired up plants and captured their sounds as the foundation of his work, a stroke of mad genius to prove that ingenuity always tops funds.

"Clint Mansell’s brilliant score vibrates and reverberates through time, synths and bells blending with the atmospheric, often punishing, sound design.” latimes.com

Track Listing: 
Side A
01. Mycorrhiza [60-250 Hz]
02. Spirit Of The Woods
03. ATU327A
04. The Forest
05. In The Earth I
06. Mycorrhiza [250-500 Hz]
07. In The Earth Ii
08. The Mist

Side B
09. Mycorrhiza [2-4 Hz]
10. Hammer Of The Witches
11. Spiritu Venio Silvarum
12. Return To The Green
13. Standing Stone
14. In The Earth Iii
15. Parnag Fegg
16. The Woods

Please note this is a pre order and is due Mid November 2021.