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Comrade Detective (Music From The Original Series) 'Black' Vinyl - Various Artists


Comrade Detective (Music From The Original Series)

Pressed on 140 Gram Black Vinyl

Comrade Detective is an American buddy cop series created by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. Each episode is a different lost from a fictional Romanian television show that had been commissioned by the Communist Party to promote communism during the Cold War. The episodes were filmed in Romania with local actors and later dubbed into English, for effect. The episodes feature the voices of: Channing Tatum. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, Jason Mantzoukas, Chloë Sevigny, Jake Johnson, John DiMaggio, and others.

The soundtrack features rare versions of Flashdance, What A Feeling, Obsession and the smash hit I Can't Wait, by Nu Shooz, along with Joe Kraemer's original score.

Joe Kraemer has composed for episodic television, television movies, documentaries, and short films and over 100 movies, including the scores for, The Way of the Gun, Jack Reacher, and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation.

Track Listing:
Side A
01. Plopi Impari - Grupul Stereo 3:30
02. Obsession - Mahala Rai Banda 4:40
03. Autostrada (Highway) - Adrian Enescu 3:40
04. Ce Emotie (Flashdance...What A Feeling) - Comrade Detective Party Players 3:06
05. Political Prisoners – Joe Kraemer 3:07

Side B
06. I Can’t Wait - Nu Shooz 5:27
07. Are You Ready For The Sex Girls - Gleaming Spires 4:11
08. A Conspiracy Unravelling – Joe Kraemer 2:22
09. Defeat After Defeat – Joe Kraemer 2:10
10. Hearts To Hearts – Joe Kraemer 2:37
11. The Invisible Hand – Joe Kraemer 1:34
12. Theme from Comrade Detective – Joe Kraemer 1:09